Configuring Payment Settings

Several settings are available with your Paytronix Payments account.

Accessing Settings

From the top menu, select Settings, then Order Payment.

Available Settings

The following settings are available within the Payment Settings screen.

Pay in Person

If you want to allow customers to pay in person, via cash or other payment methods (such as a swiped card), check the Enable Pay in Person checkbox.

You may also enter a Maximum Order Total for pay-in-person orders.  Orders above this amount will require credit card prepayment.


You may choose to enable tips.  Simply select the order types that you wish to collect tips for.

Address Verification

You may choose to require additional address information from your customers.  This address verification process is also called "AVS Verification."  By default, no billing address information is collected or validated, to give your customers the fastest and easiest checkout process.

Other Settings

  • CC Email for Refund Confirmations
    When you issue refunds, customers are sent email confirmations.  If you wish to CC yourself, or another email address, on these emails, enter the email address here.
  • Reply-to Email for Refund Confirmations
    You may override the default reply-to email address for refund confirmations by entering an email address here.