Getting Started with Paytronix Payments

When you sign up with Paytronix Online Ordering, your account will automatically be set up with Paytronix Payments. However, you'll need to complete a bit of additional information to complete your account setup.

If you are an existing customer switching over to Paytronix Payments, this article still applies to you.


Paytronix Payments is currently only available to restaurants located/domiciled in the United States.

  1. On the top navigation, select Settings, then Order Payment.
  2. You will be directed to the Payment Settings page.
    1. If you are a new customer, you should see this on the right:
    2. Click on "Complete Your Account Information"
    3. If you are an existing customer switching from another payment provider, you may not automatically see the screen from above. Scroll to the bottom of the Order Payment page until you see this section:
    4. Click on "Get Started" 
  3. You will now be brought to the Payment Setup screen.
  4. Once on the Payment Setup screen, select Company (this is necessary to properly create a tax file).

    You will then need to select your Business Structure. For selected Business Structure please refer to the Implications Matrix below for how this will effect your tax filings.

    Important Note: Paytronix will not be responsible for any errors impacting tax files by incorrect selection here.

  5. Click Continue. If you have selected the Single-Member LLC structure please refer to the Tax Implications Matrix to understand how your 1099-k will be issued

6. On the next screen, enter your business and representative information.  All information is securely stored, and only accessed / shared for purposes of processing your payments. Although only select fields are marked as “required,” we recommend filling out all fields to ensure that everything is properly validated and approved. If your information is not validated and approved, it may delay your deposits.

7. Click Continue.

8. Now you will be prompted for some business details:

9. If you are missing any information, you will see this screen. Click on Edit for each of the Missing sections to fill in the missing information. 

10. If you are not automatically brought to the screen to enter your bank details, click on this button on your main Payment Settings page:

11. You will be directed to the Bank Account Setup screen to enter your banking information.

12. Enter your Account and Routing Numbers, verify the Currency and Country, then submit the form to save your bank account and finish setting up your account.

13. After completing your banking information, you will be sent to the Payment Account overview screen.  If all verification has succeeded, you will see the following:

14. Setup is complete and you are ready to accept payments and receive payouts to your bank account!