POS Auto-Map

After enabling POS integration and configuring the steps required for setting up your particular POS system, there will be a page in the Paytronix Online Ordering dashboard that allows you to configure POS menu item and modifier mappings. From the menu bar, you would navigate to Settings > POS Settings (again, this page will not be listed unless you have POS integration enabled and configured).
On the POS Settings page, there is a button named “Auto-Map POS Items”:
The auto-map feature is a "best guess" by our system to properly map the items in the Paytronix Online Ordering menu to those in your POS system. Auto-map looks at menu item names and placement and makes a best effort to map menu items / modifiers in the online menu to the corresponding elements on the POS side.
Because items aren't necessarily named the same between systems, the auto-map feature is not always 100% accurate; it may map the wrong item, or in some cases it will map nothing at all because it can't find an entry close enough in the POS to what its searching for. This is why we always recommend doing a sweep of all POS mappings after using auto-map and making manual adjustments as necessary.