Advanced Menu Management - Meal Deals

By now you know how to  add menu items and configure options. Sometimes we have more complicated menu items that need some more thought, such as Meal Deals. These are special deals where a customer buys certain items together for a better price than purchasing each individual item separately. For these types of deals, we recommend creating one menu item with each piece of the deal as a separate option list. We will walk through an example below to show what we mean.

Let's imagine we have a Pizza Parlor that has a Family Meal Deal for 1 Large Pizza, 12 Wings and a 2-Liter of Soda, all for $15.99 (toppings extra). Let's create the item and call it Family Meal Deal and put the description in. 

Pro Tip: If you already have your other menu items set up, take the one with the most configurations (in this instance, pizza) and *copy* that item instead of starting from scratch. That way, you already have a majority of the options configured and can just add the additional options for the remaining items (in this instance, the wings and soda).

Now it is time to set up the Option Lists. We copied from a pizza item so those option lists are already set up.

Now we just need to add the options for the Wings and for the Soda.

Now when someone goes to order the Meal Deal, they will be presented with all the options necessary to build this Meal Deal.