Advanced Menu Management - Daily Specials

By now you know how to add menu items and configure options. Sometimes we have more complicated menu items that need some more thought, such as Daily Specials.

If you want to schedule certain menu items (or entire categories) to only be visible for certain days / times, then you are in the right place!

Scheduling a Menu Item

Scheduling an entire Category

Scheduling a Menu Item

If you have to schedule an item to only be available in certain days, you have to go to the category containing the item you want to add schedule to and then Click on Edit for the appropriate menu item.

Then you scroll down and, in the 'Available Days/Times' section, check the box that says ' This item is only available during certain hours/days' and a list of days will appear.

If your item is only available on certain days, check the 'Not available' on all other days. In the example below, this menu item is only available on Mondays, so we checked all boxes except Monday. You can also define specific times that the item is available.

Scheduling an entire Category

If you have a case that you have an entire Category that should be available only in certain days or times, then this can be done by first going to the Category that you want to schedule and clicking on Category Days/Times.

Then if 'Use Normal Business Hours' is toggled, you have to unclick it.

When you do that, the list of days will appear.

Just like in scheduling a menu item, here you have the option of making the Category 'not available' during certain days and defining the time during that day, that Category is available.

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