Advance Ordering with Micros

How to Configure the Paytronix Online Ordering System for Advance Orders

With the Paytronix Online Ordering - Micros integration, advance orders are sent to the Micros POS immediately, and Micros will hold the order until it's ready to be fired. Here's how to configure the Paytronix Online Ordering system:

  1. Navigate to Settings → General Settings.
  2. Under Restaurant Information, the very last setting is Allow Advance Orders. Ensure this is checked.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Settings.
  4. Navigate to Settings → Receiving Your Orders.
  5. Set Fire Time for Advance Orders is used for Micros to send its queued orders at a specific time of day. It will also take into account the order's configured prep time (under General Settings). Check this option.
  6. Send Advanced Orders At ... - this is where you will choose the specific time of day you'd like advanced orders to push out of the Micros queue and have the orders printed for preparation.
  7. Additional Time for Kitchen is useful in cases where you'd like orders appear for the kitchen sooner. Time is set in minutes.

Example Case for Same Day Advance Orders

A customer would like to order their dinner for 6:00PM at noon.

  • You have a 20 minute lead time. 
  • You also have 20 minutes set for Additional Time for Kitchen
  • The order will be sent to the Micros POS immediately, and will be held until Fire Time. 
  • The Fire Time will activate the order at 5:20PM.

Example Case for Different Day Advance Orders

It's Monday, and the customer would like to order their lunch for Wednesday at noon.

  • Fire Time for Advanced Orders is set at 9:00AM. 
  • The order would be on your POS at 9:00AM on Wednesday, but not yet active.
  • With a 20 minute lead time + 20 minutes additional time for kitchen, the order would become active on Wednesday at 11:20AM.

Troubleshooting Different Day Advance Orders

There may be times where the POS system has not yet been closed out for the previous day, goes through routine reboots/updates, or is simply unavailable to post orders to its database.

If you experience Different Day Advance Orders not being received by the POS system, we would advise changing the Fire Time on the Receiving Your Orders page to a later time.

Example Case for Advance Orders Immediately Received on the POS

The setting for Immediately Receive Advance Orders will immediately send the order to the POS regardless of how far in advance it is requested. 

If an order is placed for tomorrow, Fire Time is actually immediate. It will be received shortly after the order was placed.

Notifications will be made based on the lead time when the time comes to fulfill the order.