Advanced Handling for Default Options

In the Paytronix Online Ordering system, options can be enabled by default.  This can be used for several scenarios, such as:

  • Selecting common options for an item, to make it easier for customers to order.  For example, maybe Italian Bread is the most popular choice for sandwiches.  You could set that as the default, so customers won't be forced to select an option, but they can change it if they want a different bread choice.
  • Selecting the default "comes with" toppings or modifiers for a given item.  For example, maybe your burgers come with Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion unless otherwise specified.  Those could be pre-selected, and customers can choose to remove them.

Enabling These Options

Currently, these options are not available in the Paytronix Online Ordering administrative UI.  If you'd like them configured for your restaurant(s), please drop us a line at [email protected]

Skipping Defaults on POS / Print Notifications

To shorten kitchen checks and eliminate confusion, it can be helpful to skip default options for POS notifications.  In the burger scenario, above, a burger comes with Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion by default.

The default Paytronix Online Ordering configuration will send those modifiers to the POS, so the check will look like:

  • Burger
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Onion

However, the kitchen may know that the burger comes with those items already, and there's no need to print them again.  (Or, worse, it could confuse the kitchen.  Does the customer want double lettuce?)

Paytronix Online Ordering can omit these default options when sending orders to the POS or ticket printers.  In this case, the above check would just show a "Burger" with no additional modifiers.

Showing "No" Modifiers for Removed Defaults

The above scenario is helpful, but it raises an important question: what happens if the customer removes Tomato from their burger?  The kitchen would need to know that the Tomato has been removed, with a notification like:

  • Burger
    • No Tomato

Paytronix Online Ordering can add a "No Tomato" modifier to the order, when the customer removes Tomato.  Broadly speaking, we will add a "No ___" modifier to the order whenever a default option is removed.

POS Configuration for "No" Modifiers

This can be communicated to the POS in two main methods:

  1. Full "No ___" modifiers in the POS
  2. A "No" prefix in the POS (currently only supported for Micros 3700)

When this setting is enabled, you will see additional "No" modifiers that be configured on the POS mappings screen on the Paytronix Online Ordering back-end.  These mappings are used to tell our integration how to send the "No" modifier to your POS system.

If using Micros and modifier prefixes, a "No" prefix can be configured.  On the "Receiving Orders" configuration screen, under Micros settings, enter No for the prefix string, and enter the Micros number for your "No" modifier prefix.