MICROS 3700 Integration Information

Open Dining is integrated with the Micros 3700 POS system, so orders can automatically be sent to Micros when customers order online.


Our integration requires the Transaction Services API license.  Not sure if you have it?  Here are instructions on how to check.

We also need a Micros database user account.  We'll try a few default accounts automatically, so you might not need to do anything for this requirement.


The following section describes the available functionality within the Micros 3700 / Open Dining integration.

Sending Orders

Orders that are placed online will be automatically sent to Micros with the items and modifiers.  These orders will be entered and recorded in the Micros reports.

Advance Orders: Send vs. Hold

If your restaurant accepts advance/future orders, we can send the orders to Micros immediately, or we can hold the order until the morning on the day of the order.

Advance Orders: Setting a Fire Time

The Open Dining integration can set a "Fire Time" on orders in Micros.  This will hold the order until it is ready to be prepared.  If the fire time is not set, the order will appear in Micros as soon as it is sent.

Micros Limitation on Advance Orders

Micros has a limitation for setting fire times.  Fire times can only be set for the current day ("today"), and they cannot be set for future days.  If you want to set fire times, we recommend having our system hold advance orders until the day of the order, so we can always set the proper fire time.


For orders that are prepaid online, we can send a payment automatically in to Micros when the order is sent. 

Prepaid Checks Close Automatically!

Micros closes checks automatically once they are fully paid, so automatically sending a payment will typically cause the check to close. This is usually not our recommended configuration, but depending on your business processes, may be desirable.

If payments are not sent automatically, the checks will be designated as prepaid via note text. The staff will have to manually close the check, similar to other checks, by adding a payment in Micros. We recommend setting up a separate "Online" tender type within Micros to log the online payments.

Revenue Center and Order Types

The integration can be set to use a certain revenue center and special order types in Micros.  For example, you could define "Online To-Go" and "Online Delivery" order types to help separate online sales in your reports.


The Micros integration can automatically print kitchen tickets and guest checks.  The actual printing configuration is controlled by Micros, so it is all configured there (within the Micros POS Configurator application).


The integration has a few notable limitations.  These are limitations of the POS system, and Open Dining cannot make changes to accommodate these requests.  Where feasible, workarounds have been outlined below.

No Notification of New Orders

Micros does not display a visible or audible notification of new orders via the Open Dining integration.  The print-out is the primary notification of new orders.

We recommend using another notification method, such as our automated phone call, text messages, or email, if additional notifications are desired.