POSLavu Integration Information

Paytronix Order & Delivery is integrated with the POSLavu POS system, so orders can automatically be sent to Lavu when customers order online.


The following section describes the available functionality within the Lavu / Paytronix Order & Delivery integration.

Sending Orders

Orders that are placed online will be automatically sent to Lavu with the items and modifiers.  These orders will be entered and recorded in the Lavu reports.

Open / Closed Prepaid Checks

When orders are prepaid online with a credit card (or other payment method, such as LevelUp), Paytronix Order & Delivery will record the payment.

The integration can be configured to automatically close these prepaid checks, or they can be left open for the staff to close manually, depending on your desired business processes.


The Lavu integration has a few notable limitations.  These are limitations of the Lavu system, and Paytronix Order & Delivery cannot make changes to accommodate these requests.  Where feasible, workarounds have been outlined below.

No Automatic Printing

Currently, the Lavu integration cannot automatically print a kitchen ticket or guest check.

Paytronix Order & Delivery provides other means for printing orders.  If a Windows-based PC is available on site, our Printer Service application is the best method to combine with Lavu integration to get an automatic printout.

No Notification of New Orders

Lavu does not display a visible or audible notification of new orders via the Paytronix Order & Delivery integration.

We recommend using another notification method, such as our automated phone call, text messages, email, and a print-out to ensure that orders aren't missed.