Troubleshooting Micros 3700 Integrations

Are orders not properly processing into your Micros 3700 system?  Here are a few things to investigate and try.


Let's start by looking at the situation to see if there are any clues to help figure out what's going on.

Check for Errors

Look in the Windows application event log for errors.  Those may help point you in the right direction.

Order Status

What happens when orders enter the system?

  1. Orders are not received by the server at all (the Event Log does not contain entries showing that orders are received)
  2. Orders are received by the server, but no checks appear in Micros
  3. Checks appear in Micros, but the checks are empty
  4. Checks appear in Micros, but some of the items are missing or incorrect
  5. Checks appear in Micros, the items are all present, but the totals are incorrect
  6. Checks appear in Micros, but one or more items doesn't appear on the printouts
  7. Checks appear in Micros, the items and totals are correct, but the checks are closed


Micros Database Issues

Sometimes, the Micros database has intermittent problems that can be resolved by simply restarting the main Micros server.


Restarting the server during the day may cause a brief outage of the customer's POS system!  Scheduling the Micros server to reboot nightly may help alleviate issues; we've seen dealers configure systems to perform this automatic restart.

Transaction Services Not Licensed

The Micros system must be licensed for Transaction Services for the integration to work.  If the integration has never worked, this might be the cause.

For more info, please see  this support article.

Incorrect Item Mappings

One or more items may be incorrectly mapped on the Paytronix Online Ordering back-end.  If a web item is connected to a nonexistent Micros item, Micros will throw errors and the order will not process.

For troubleshooting purposes, try placing a very simple order with only one item that you know is properly mapped.

Invalid User Configuration

The Micros user that's set to receive online orders may be lacking required permissions.  For troubleshooting purposes, try the following:

  1. Find a user with Manager or SuperUser privileges.  These can often be identified just by looking at the list of users and selecting one named accordingly
  2. Adjust the Micros settings on the web back-end to use that user for sending orders (be sure to save the settings)
  3. Restart the POS integration service to apply the changes
  4. Try another test order and see if it properly goes through

Invalid Micros Database User

Our integration needs to connect to the Micros database.  By default, we try a common default account within the Micros system, but if the system's database users have been changed by the installer, a new database user may need to be created.

Firewall / Other Connectivity Issues

It's possible that orders are being blocked, or otherwise not reaching the terminal.

The Application log in Windows Event Viewer should show Info entries when new orders are received.  If you submit a test order, and do not see any Event Viewer entries appear within about a minute, then the POS integration service is not receiving orders at all.

Verify that:

  • The Online Ordering POS Connector service is installed and running
  • Outbound traffic is allowed to the following URLs:
  • The Restaurant ID and Secret Key are properly set within the service configuration (the POS Configuration application will show you these values)
    Note: After changing any configuration settings, the integration service must be restarted to use the new values.

Items Missing from Printouts

If items are missing from the Micros printouts, the Micros configuration may need to be adjusted.  First, check the following items:
  1. Are the items definitely appearing on the check, if you retrieve it in the Micros terminal?
    1. If the items are not appearing on the check, then the printer configuration is not the issue.
  2. Which checks are the items missing from?  (Kitchen ticket, guest check, etc.)

Item printing is controlled by the item's Print Class in Micros.  Within POS Configurator, go to Menu Items, and review the Print Class setting, as seen below.

You can click the folder icon next to the Print Class dropdown to view the Print Classes configuration screen.

Verify that the desired print class is properly assigned and configured, and make any required adjustments.

Tip: When Some Items Print Properly, but Others Don't

If some items are printing properly, but others aren't, it can be helpful to compare the print classes between the working and non-working items.

  • Comparing the items, what print classes are assigned to the working items vs. the non-working items?
  • Comparing the print class configuration, what is different between the print classes for the working vs. non-working items

Checks Closing Automatically

If your checks are closing automatically, it's likely because they are prepaid with a credit card, and the Prepaid Tender Type setting is configured on the Paytronix Online Ordering back end.  This setting causes our integration to log a full payment against the order, and Micros will automatically close a check once it's been paid.
If you want prepaid checks to remain open, simply clear the Prepaid Tender Type setting and restart the integration service.

Getting Help

Still stuck?  No problem!  Please email [email protected] with the following information:
  1. The name of the restaurant location in the Paytronix Online Ordering system
  2. What is happening to the POS checks?  (See the Order Status heading, above.)
  3. Has this integration ever worked properly?  (If yes, when?)
  4. If the integration has worked properly, do you know of any changes that have been made since it was last working?
  5. Have you verified that Transaction Services is licensed?
  6. Any errors or notable events from the Application log in Windows Event Viewer - ideally, these would be created after a test order is sent in

We'll provide troubleshooting steps, and may need to remotely connect to your POS system to investigate further.  Please let us know when good days/times are to get connected, if possible.