Enabling Address Requirements (AVS)

In order to help prevent fraudulent credit card activity, your Paytronix Online Ordering dashboard provides an AVS (Address Verification Service) section where you can require detailed address information from customers at checkout.

You Must Configure Your Gateway

Paytronix Online Ordering's AVS settings do not perform the actual address verification (comparing the billing address entered to the card on file, etc.); this all happens on the payment gateway side. You must enable the same AVS requirements on your payment gateway.

Enabling AVS on the Paytronix Online Ordering side simply requires that customers enter more detailed billing information, which then gets passed to the restaurant's payment gateway. 

Enabling AVS Options

Go to Settings > Order Payment in your Paytronix Online Ordering dashboard. At the bottom of the page, you will see the Address Requirements (AVS) section:

Here, you can select additional information that will be required at checkout. Simply check the boxes for the information you want to require, then click the Submit button to apply the new settings.

Here's an example of the credit card section of the checkout page with no AVS settings enabled (which is the default configuration):

Here is the same credit card section with the Address, City, and Zip / Postal Code AVS options enabled:

In this instance, the billing street address, zip/postal code, and city will be required along with the credit card info in order for the customer to submit their order.