Printing in Text Mode

You can set your online order notifications to print in plaintext mode, but you'll first need to install a text mode version of your printer in Windows if there isn't one already.

Creating a text-mode printer in Windows

Click on your Windows Start button and click Devices and Printers:

In the Devices and Printers window, click the Add a Printer button:

On the following screen, select local or network printer depending on how the printer is connected, then follow the appropriate steps to configure the printer connection. NOTE: do not delete the printer from Windows if it is already installed; the purpose of this process is to create a text-only copy of the printer to be used by online ordering.

When you get to the screen to install a printer driver, select "Generic" from the Manufacturer column and "Generic / Text Only" from the printers column, then click Next:

Give the printer a name and follow the remaining steps to finish installing the printer.

Setting up Text-Mode Printing in the POS Connector

Right-click the Configure Online Ordering icon on your desktop (the is assuming the POS Connector utility is already installed) and click "Run as administrator". This will bring up the Online Ordering POS Integration window. First, set "Printer" to the text-only printer you just creted. Second, expand the Advanced section at the bottom and check the "Text Mode (Printer 1)" checkbox:

Click the Save Settings button, then the Restart Service button; once the service has finished restarting (usually about 30 seconds), you should be all set to start receiving text-only order notifications.