How do I mark a menu item as takeout or delivery only?

Sometimes it makes sense to mark an item as takeout or delivery only. For example, perhaps you do not want your delivery person to have to drive with hot coffee. In this instance, you would want to mark your coffee as "Takeout Only." You can do this in a few simple steps.
(please note this is only relevant for restaurants set up for both Takeout and Delivery; if your restaurant is only one or the other, you do not need to adjust your menu items)

First, go to your menu. You can go this by clicking on the Menu on your dashboard or in the top navigation menu

Next, locate the menu item you want to edit. Click the blue Edit button for that item

Once you are on the edit screen, you will want to scroll all the way to the bottom. Right above the Submit button there is an Advanced Information header

Clicking on this header expands the Advanced Information section. The very last item in this section (right above the Submit button) is Available on Order Types field. This field defaults to Both since most menu items are not restricted. For our example with the coffee, select Takeout from this dropdown; if this is for a menu item only available for delivery, select Delivery instead. (please note the terms "Takeout" and "Delivery" are based on what you call them for your specific restaurant; these can be adjusted in the Menu/Checkout Settings

Next, just click Submit. You will see on the menu page that your menu item is now listed as only for one particular order type.