How do I determine my AVS requirements and how do they work with my payment gateway?

You most likely already have certain AVS parameters configured within your payment gateway. So what are these AVS settings in my Paytronix Online Ordering account, you ask? Well the Paytronix Online Ordering AVS settings work hand in hand with your gateway's AVS settings! 

When looking at your Order Payment settings (within your Paytronix Online Ordering back-end) you'll see the following AVS checkboxes.  We strongly recommend that you request only the information that's absolutely important to you to avoid unnecessary declined charges. Often times street address and/or zip code will suffice in deterring fraud without declining legitimate transactions, however the rigidity of your AVS guidelines is up to you.

The checkboxes you select will determine which information is collected from the customer. When an order is placed, Paytronix Online Ordering will collect the necessary information (as determined by the above AVS settings) and pass the information along to your gateway. Your gateway will then take that information and match is up against the AVS parameters that you have setup within your gateway and determine whether a transaction is accepted or declined. While we recommend minimal AVS requirements, it is extremely important that your Paytronix Online Ordering AVS settings are set to collect any information required by your gateway. For example, if your gateway requires a zip code match, you must check the "Require Zip / Postal Code" box within your Paytronix Online Ordering AVS settings.


  • Minimal AVS requirements are encouraged
  • Paytronix Online Ordering AVS settings determine which information is collected
  • Your gateway uses the collected information to determine the outcome of the transaction