How will my restaurant receive order notifications?

There are many ways your restaurant can receive notifications when a new order comes in. Here are the current options:

Primary Methods

  • Direct to receipt printer
  • Order Management - Paytronix tablet application (Android only)
  • Order Notifier - Paytronix Online Ordering Windows app
  • POS integration
  • Google Cloud print
  • HP ePrint
  • Fax

Recommended to be used as Secondary Methods

Although these methods can also be used as the primary method, we recommend that you have one of the methods above in place

  • Email (multiple email addresses can be used)
  • Phone
  • Text message (multiple cell numbers can be used)

Order notifications can be configured to go to multiple notification systems. Notifications from orders placed in any of your restaurant's Paytronix Online Ordering portals on your website, Facebook, or mobile site will all be handled in the same way, eliminating the need to configure each site individually.