Can I use Custom CSS?

Whoa, back up. What's CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is a styling language used for taking web pages to the next level of visual awesomeness. If you'd like to know more about CSS, W3Schools is a great resource for getting started on that journey.

You can integrate custom CSS regardless of which  paid plan you're on, with the exception of our "Essentials" plan.

After building your Paytronix Online Ordering menu, you can use custom CSS to change fonts, use a different color scheme or create a totally different layout. Many customers use custom CSS for the purpose of making their Paytronix Online Ordering menu match the look and feel of the rest of their restaurant's website. 


Okay, where do I go to input custom CSS?

You know, it's funny you should ask that, because we were just about to tell you the answer to that very question. In your Paytronix Online Ordering control panel, go to Publish --> Add to Your Site and you'll see a Customize Your Menu section about halfway down the page: 


In the Custom CSS text area, you have the option to either enter your customized CSS or provide a secure URL containing a custom CSS file.

That's great and all, but what are the different CSS fields called so I can reference and make changes to them?

Excellent question. You can find the Paytronix Online Ordering menu default CSS here.

Please keep in mind that custom CSS is a feature that Paytronix Online Ordering extends to all our customers, but we do not provide support for any custom CSS. Any issues that you're experiencing with your code or any questions you have regarding CSS classes, IDs, values, and so forth should go to a 3rd-party web designer who has experience with CSS, as it is outside the scope of our normal support services.