Configuring USA ePay

USA ePay requires a key. Please note that this item is neither the username or password used to log into ePay The key is completely separate from your login information and can be obtained by following these steps:

  • Log Into USA ePay

  • In the top navigation bar click on “Settings”.

  • A sub navigation bar will then appear and you will click on “Source Keys”.

  • Click “Add Source”.

  • In the “Source Info” section give your source a name and click “Save”. Note that you do not need to give it a PIN.

  • Copy the “Key” that should look something like “U68p28U7H3yqtUTXLwpd8Yb9n127x4a”
  • Log into Paytronix Online Ordering and enter your credentials into your merchant setup (Settings>>Order Payment).  

USA ePay Errors

  • (13) Specified source key not found. - This error occurs when either your key is invalid. Please make sure that you have obtained the proper key.
  • For a full list of errors and their definitions, please refer here.

USA ePay Setup

The easiest way to learn about and set up an USA ePay account is to take a look at their introductory tour.