Automated Billing Options via Recurly (WL)

Automated billing is done automatically by a recurring billing system.  We provide a Recurly integration that handles most billing scenarios.   You must have your own Recurly account to do automated billing.  We are not a Recurly reseller, and we do not make any money from Recurly sales -- we use Recurly ourselves and it works well for us.

Our Recurly billing integration provides the following functionality:
● Fixed monthly fees (e.g. $50 per month)
● Fixed per­order fees (e.g. $0.50 per order)
● Percentage per­order fees (e.g. 5% per order)
● Fixed fax fees (e.g. $0.10 per fax sent)

Any other billing would have to be done manually.  If you have a complex billing scenario, please let us know ­­ we may not be able to support it, but we can potentially help.