Accepting Payments via LevelUp


Paytronix Online Ordering can use your LevelUp merchant account to accept payments for online orders. If you want more information on LevelUp, visit  their website .

To get started, head to the Order Payment Settings section, then click on the LevelUp logo under  Other Payment Methods .

A login box will appear. Enter your LevelUp account information (an email address and password) and then click on the  Log In to LevelUp  button.

The  LevelUp Settings  options will appear. You will have the opportunity to select from a drop-down list of locations associated with your LevelUp account.

Make sure to select the  Enable LevelUp Payments  checkbox to turn this function on. Once you are complete, click on  Save Settings.

Once you have enabled LevelUp Payments and selected your location, your LevelUp payment option is now configured. If you have already turned ordering on, these changes will be available to your customers immediately.

We recommend placing a test order to verify that LevelUp is working properly.  Please contact our support team with any questions.