How Can I Prevent Fraudulent Orders?

You've been receiving a lot of orders from Mary Poppins and Nacho Libre recently and, not surprisingly, they haven't been showing up to pick up their food.

There are a couple preventive measures you can take to reduce fraudulent orders placed via your online menu.

The first is to only allow orders to be submitted when a customer enters their credit card information to pre-pay for the order during checkout. For more information on how to set up your online menu to accept credit cards, click here and scroll down to the Credit Card Payments section.

The second is geared toward scenarios where your menu is set to allow customers to pay-in-person. As stated in that article, we highly recommend setting a maximum order total for the pay-in-person option so that some jokester doesn't go crazy and place an order for a few thousand dollars worth of food. If you'd like to know more on where to go to set up the pay-in-person option for your menu, click here and scroll down to the In-Person Payments section.

That about covers it! Now that you have things configured to reduce -- if not eliminate -- fraudulent orders, you're ready to move on to other matters. Sorry, Tom Cruise and Spongebob Squarepants, you'll have to order your food elsewhere from here on out.