Can I Override Plan Features and Prices for a Single Restaurant? (WL)

You bet your sweet Aunt Mabel you can. Go to your main white label admin page and locate your restaurants list, which is down about mid-page:

Click on the "Name" link for the restaurant whose features and/or prices you wish to change (in our case, we're going to select Ridgegrove Restaurant, mainly because it's the only one in our list).

Clicking on the link will take you to the Manage Restaurant page for that particular restaurant. This is where you can override plan-specific settings for *just* that restaurant. Let's break down the components of this page that are relevant to changing plan settings. First, the pricing-specific options, which are at the top of the page:

  • Plan: as noted in the screenshot, changing the plan via this dropdown does NOT change the customer's billing from their current plan; only plan *features*.
  • Monthly Charge: entering an amount in this field will override the current plan's monthly subscription fee charged to the customer.
  • Per-Order Charge: the amount entered here will override the per-order charge defined by the subscription plan associated with the restaurant.
  • Order Percentage: just like the per-order charge, the amount entered here will override the order percentage defined by the restaurant's subscription plan.


The Features section allows you to define specific features that are outside of the particular restaurant's subscription plan. This series of checkboxes on the Manage Restaurant page is pretty long, so we're going to forego the screenshot here and just give you the definition for each of the options listed. Keep in mind that you do not need to select any options on this page that are already part of the restaurant's subscription:
  • Credit Card Processing: gives the restaurant the ability to allow customers to pay via credit card when placing their online order.
  • Custom Checkout Fields: allows the restaurant to create customized text or dropdown fields that area displayed to the customer during the checkout process.
  • MailChimp Integration: allows the restaurant to integrate with MailChimp for email marketing.
  • Constant Contact Integration: allows the restaurant to integrate with Constant Contact for email marketing.
  • Phone Verification: allows the restaurant to integrate functionality that requires customers who order online to verify they placed the order via an automated phone system that will call them immediately after they submit their order.
  • Item Images: allows the restaurant to add images to their menu items.
  • Coupons: enables the restaurant to set up and use coupons.
  • Reporting: gives the restaurant visibility into sales/conversion reporting.
  • Mobile Web App: enables a separate, customizable mobile app experience for the restaurant's customers.
  • View Feedback: this option will collect and allow the restaurant to view customer surveys regarding their online ordering experience.
  • Customize Feedback: a subset of the View Feedback option, Customize Feedback enables the restaurant to customize feedback surveys to their own specifications.
  • Custom CSS: allows the restaurant to integrate custom CSS to alter the look and feel of their online menu.
  • StickyStreet Loyalty Integration: enables the restaurant to integrate with their StickyStreet loyalty account.
  • Receipt Printer Notifications: with this, the restaurant will be able to install and connect the receipt printer app to receive notifications via their receipt/standard printer.
  • Remove Branding: this removes the white label's branding from underneath the restaurant's online menu.
  • PunchTab Integration: enables the restaurant to integrate with their PunchTab loyalty account.
  • POS Integration: this feature allows the restaurant to integrate with any of the supported POS services.
  • Facebook App: provides the restaurant the ability to add online ordering to their Facebook page.
  • Excel Export: enabling this allows the restaurant to export customer order history data to a .csv file.
  • Cross Sells: allows the integration of automatic or specifically designed online menu cross-sells.
  • Advance Ordering: this functionality allows customers to place online orders for future dates/times.
  • Delivery Zones: with this, the restaurant can draw areas on a map to restrict delivery to those specific areas.
  • Variable Delivery Fees: this lets the restaurant set specific delivery fees based on the customer's zip/postal code.
  • Automated Emails: allows restaurant to send out customized emails to customers (for example: a "thank you" message to loyal customers with a coupon included, a special deal to new customers, etc.).

Once you have these features and pricing options set the way you see fit, you're ready to click the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen. You now have a restaurant with a custom feature set!