What if I have 2 restaurants and 1 website?

You can certainly have multiple restaurants under one  Paytronix Online Ordering account. Each restaurant will have it's own menu, settings and user permissions. 

However, all restaurants must be under the same plan coverage.

To add a Restaurant


  • Select Add a Restaurant from the Dashboard.
  • Enter the restaurant details under the Restaurant Information page (certain information is required before you are able to create the restaurant account).

If you have one website for multiple restaurants (and each has it's own page)

As long as each restaurant has it's own static web page it's easy. Essentially, each menu built on  Paytronix Online Ordering creates it's own App ID or Link to a Menu. As long as you point to the proper link, you're fine. Simply link the Order Online! button on any page you want. Follow the usual instructions to link your Paytronix Online Ordering menu to your website, making sure to link to the proper restaurant page. 


If you have multiple restaurants and one web page

There are essentially two ways to handle multiple restaurants with one webpage. For example, you have a Bistro and a Bakery on the same premises. They obviously have different menus, and are both open throughout the day, and you want to give customers the option to order from either. Here are your options:

You can create a custom API to show your multiple restaurants, or

You can associate multiple restaurants with one Order Online! button (which, when clicked, displays a list of restaurants. Once they choose, they will see that specific menu). Here is an example of a restaurant that created a custom button link to multiple restaurants.

To associate multiple restaurants with one Order Online! button

  • From the Account Dashboard select Publish > Add to Your Site > Menu Box Widget and click Go here.
  • Near the bottom of the page is a section named Other Restaurants (this will be populated with all restaurants associated with your account). Select which ones to include links from your Order button.
  • Click the Save Settings button to save changes, then follow the usual instructions to link to your webpage.