How Do I Set Up Additional Fees? (WL)

You might need to set up additional customer fees to cover certain overhead costs or to have the restaurant absorb the order notification charges. This can easily be done from your white label control panel. On your main white label admin page, click the Plans button at the top. On the White Label Plans page, each plan you have listed will include the following fields:

We're focusing particularly on the last 3 fields; the first 2 are in the screenshot just to give you a better bearing on the section of the page we're looking at, and the Monthly Fee  is the monthly amount you wish to charge customers for that particular subscription tier.

The available additional fee options are:
  • Per-Order Fee: this is a flat amount you'd like to charge the restaurant for each online order they receive.
  • Order Percentage: it's the same concept as the Per-Order Fee in that it occurs for every online order, but instead of taking a flat amount, it'll charge a set percentage or every order placed.
  • Fax Fee: here, you can charge a fee for every fax notification that each restaurant under this plan generates.

After you have all these options set up to your liking, you'll just need to click the Save Plans button at the bottom of the page, and you'll be ready to rock 'n roll!