Automatic Email Rules

Email Rules are a great marketing tool used to generate business from repeat customers! Setting up rules allows customers to be automatically emailed a coupon based on specific predetermined conditions as shown below.

  • Offer first-time customers a coupon to encourage them to come back
    • Condition: New customer/first order
  • If a good customer doesn't order for 30 days, send them a personalized message
    • Condition: 30 days after the customer's last order
  • If customer has spent at least $200 total across all their orders
    • Condition: Customer has spent at least $200
  • If customer has placed 5 orders
    • Condition: Customer has ordered at least 5 times
Of course, you can choose your own number of days since last order, dollar amount spent, and number of orders required to activate the rule. In any case, once the customer has reached the requirement for each condition, an email containing a predetermined coupon and message will automatically be sent to the customer.

When you create a new rule, you'll need to choose a subject, send-from email address, message, and coupon to send as shown below:

You can also preview your email so you know how it will look when you send it! You'll notice it drops a button with the coupon code directly in the email. When customers use this button, they won't even need to enter in the code once they get to your menu! Note: the preview message will always display "COUPON123" but will be replaced with your selected coupon when the email is actually sent. To learn more about creating coupons, please click here.