How do I connect Authorize.Net with my Paytronix Online Ordering account?

To connect to your Paytronix Online Ordering account, you will need to provide a few bits of information; an API Login ID and a Transaction Key.


To get your API Login ID and Transaction Key:


  • Log in to your account at Authorize.Net
  • On the left-hand navigation, click the Settings link under the Account header
  • Under Security Settings, click API Login ID and Transaction Key
  • Enter your secret answer to get a Transaction Key

For more help with getting your API Login ID and Transaction Key, watch their video entitled " API Login ID and Transaction Key".

Once you have your Authorize.Net API information:

  • Log in to your Paytronix Online Ordering account
  • Go to the Order Payment screen from the Dashboard
  • Select Authorize.Net from the drop-down list of Payment Gateways
  • Enter your API Login ID
  • Enter your Transaction Key
  • Click Submit to save your Payment Gateway credentials

Address Verification Service Setup

To reduce fraud, you may require additional address information from consumers. You must first configure your AVS settings within Authorize.Net. For help with this, watch their video titled "Address Verification Service (AVS)".

After Authorize.Net AVS is configured, you can choose the address fields you want to be required from the Order Payment screen within Paytronix Online Ordering.

Also note the settings you establish on  Paytronix Online Ordering must match your requirements on your account, otherwise customers will get an error message when trying to pay by credit card.