Move from Paytronix Triggered (manual) payouts to stripe triggered(automatic) payouts on 11/1/2021

Why are we doing this? Clients will get their money faster and we are removing logic that sometimes results in transactions not getting properly triggered in payouts. Previously with Paytronix triggered payments we would have to wait an extra day to trigger payouts because midnight GMT is 8pm EST or 5pm PST.

What is the actual change? Clients previously on automated payouts had their day end at midnight London time (GMT). We now use midnight PST as end of day for automated transfers (this change was actually made on 10/13/2021) for anyone who was already on automated payouts. On 11/1 we are switching ALL remaining clients who are on Paytronix payments from Paytronix triggered payouts to automatic stripe triggered payouts based on end of day midnight PST.

What should clients see as a result of this change:

  1. Faster payouts - All payouts are triggered next business day and barring any additional bank delays should show up in their bank account within 2 business days. Previously there was an additional delay on our side as we had to build a manual payout with two days worth of data from stripe and had to wait until all the money was available for withdraw before a payout could get triggered
  2. Less edge cases of payouts not happening, transactions missed, duplicated or anything else that may require a manual payout.
  3. A one-time adjustment for the specific payout when clients move from Paytronix triggered to automatic/stripe-triggered. A number of edge cases existed when doing paytronix triggered payouts where our logic didn’t always do the right thing. Most of these were fixed when uncovered but not 100% of use cases where this happened did a manual payout get done to full correct this. As such with the switch to automatic payouts we are considering ALL past payouts in this payout and truing up the client’s account to be accurate moving forward. Clients will see an additional line item in the payouts that has this migration adjustment.
    1. For example on the payouts page the detail will show:
    2. The one time adjustment will also include past manual payouts we might have done on the support side. When we did manual payouts direct in stripe (typically due to software issue) the transactions for that money do not get associated to Payout id so these too will show up on the one time adjustment but should essentially net out with the migration adjustment as they have already been paid out. For example on the payouts page the detail will show: