Managing Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes customers choose to dispute credit card payments.  This may also occur because a fraudulent transaction was made with a stolen credit card.

The good news is that Open Dining is here to support you when disputes do occur.  Open Dining Payments includes comprehensive dispute management.  For each dispute, our team will:

  • Notify you via e-mail of the dispute
  • Review the details of the dispute
  • Determine an appropriate course of action
  • Reach out to you for any necessary details or documentation
  • Respond to the dispute on your behalf, as appropriate
  • Manage the dispute through resolution, notifying you when it is resolved (as either "won" or "lost")

You can view dispute information, including all historical dispute details, from the Payments section on the Open Dining system. Simply click the View Disputes button to view dispute details.


The View Disputes button is only available if there are disputes against your Open Dining Payments account. If you don't see this button, you've simply never had a dispute!

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